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Two weeks after the whale first arrived in Hammerfest, northern Norway, research organization Norwegian Orca Survey (NOS) went onsite to monitor the whale's behavior using camera tags attached with suction-cups. As expected for a whale apparently originating from managed care, observations did not reveal any natural feeding. Because the whale showed signs of malnutrition, NOS urged the need to feed the animal, as supported by international experts.

Upon permission from the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries and in collaboration with the town of Hammerfest, NOS initiated a controlled feeding program following protocols in place. The town has been incredibly supportive and helpful throughout the process.   


Carefully monitoring Hvaldimir's behavior overtime revealed a growing interest for live fish. A flexible food base, then apparently promoted natural foraging and successful prey captures. Hvaldimir left the harbor of Hammerfest on July 19th, 2019. Ever since, he has been traveling on his own from place to place in Finnmark, northern Norway, apparently feeding himself.


Regular visits confirmed that Hvaldimir is in a good apparent condition. While there may not be any need to provide daily cares at this stage, maintaining a regular monitoring of his condition is recommended. While efforts so far have been volunteer work only, financial resources are needed to keep the project going and to ensure Hvaldimir's survival.


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"Hvaldimir" is the so-called "Russian spy beluga whale" that was first encountered with a harness attached to his body on April 26th, 2019 in northern Norway. This sighting received a lot of international attention. However, Hvaldimir's story didn't end there and in fact, his future continues to be uncertain. This website is dedicated to his story and will continue to be the main source of on-going updates about Hvaldimir and his well being.

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