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Re-assessing to a new situation again

Aug 31, 2019 -

Yesterday, and for the first time since July 19th, Hvaldimir came back to Hammerfest harbor. People were very happy to see their white friend back at the dock and spent hours with him. However, to give him a chance to continue his journey and search for his own food, we asked Hammerfest Havn KF to close access to the dock. Despite the lack of sollicitation overnight and early morning, Hvaldimir was still observed, motionless this morning, by the dock which was established as his feeding spot from May to July.

There is no way to measure or quantify what Hvaldimir may have been eating over the last month during his journey around Seiland. Only visual assessment of his body weight and energy level can indicate his overall condition. It appears clear that Hvaldimir lost weight over the last month, yet his shape looked satisfying so far. However, a drop of energy was noticed over the last days.

To test his hunger, we offered a few fish earlier today. In contrast with the two feeding attempts early August on Seiland, he gladly ate every fish.

We had wished for Hvaldimir to be sustaining himself and travel around. However, we cannot ignore that he has returned to his conditionned feeding spot in Hammerfest, possibly in need of a new energy boost. We will observe his behavior today and decide if we should resume the feeding program or not.